Applied Non-Duality:

the Art of Living in Freedom

☆ Have you been looking for a holistic course that covers all aspects of your Life?

☆ Have you been exploring spirituality for at least 2 years and are looking for ways to go deeper?

☆ Are you facing challenges related to physical, mental or emotional wellbeing, relationships, work & purpose, or in another area?

☆ Are you looking to experience more of the peace and stillness found in meditation in your day-to-day life?

☆ Have you had awakening or spiritual experiences that you are looking to understand?


If you answer is 'yes' to two or more of the above questions, then you're in the right place!

Welcome to the course "Applied Non-duality: the Art of Living in Freedom" - a holistic 6 months course that explores all areas of life. By joining the course, you will receive two 1-to-1 sessions per month, gain access to a private course classroom, and receive ongoing support from Boyan.

What others are saying:

"Boyan has a calming, peaceful presence that is a joy to experience and a wonderful ability to share practical insights on living in presence that connect deeply with those he touches".



"I felt a sense of joy, playfulness and real connection with Boyan. I find that kind of present, responsive, respectful, empathic coaching really valuable and very helpful for me in my life.

I highly recommend his work".


"Boyan's teaching has helped me find the confidence to tackle problems head-on instead of brushing them under the carpet".


Monthly Topics

Each month, we will explore a different topic:


Going beyond the mind, body & world to experience our True, changeless and ever-present Self.

The mind

Learning that thinking is an effortless process that simply happens, & recognising that Peace and Happiness does not depend on the content of our thoughts.

The body

Re-aligning the experience of the body with Awareness & recognising that the True Nature of the body is open, empty, allowing and free.


Learning that everything happens for a reason & that difficult situations help people heal their attachments and return to Presence.

Free will

Exploring and experiencing the important implications of the phrase 'there is no free will', which in reality means that everything is always unfolding perfectly.

Applied Non-duality

Bringing everything together. Living with ease, freedom & acceptance, embracing each experience as it is.

Hi, I'm Boyan, and I'm thrilled to be your guide throughout this course!

Throughout the last 10 years, I have dived deeply into many modalities - NLP, mindfulness & meditation, A Course in Miracles, and Non-duality, to name but a few.

I have discovered that my Essential Self is Awareness Itself, and that the body/mind - the part I used to identify with - is only a small portion of the totality of my experience.

Not only that, but Awareness - the True Self - remains untouched and unchanged by thoughts / feelings / circumstances.

Can you imagine the Freedom that these realisations would give you in your day-to-day life in terms of forgiving yourself and others, embracing all thoughts & emotions as they are, and loving all of life?

That is why I've creating this course, and I can't wait to help you experience this very same Freedom!

What people are saying

about the 1-to-1 sessions:

"Boyan's way of sharing how he experiences the world and himself within it resonates with me as I pursue my own deeper understanding of what this existence is all about.

More poignantly, however, is that his teachings brought me an almost instantaneous relief when I found myself within a prolonged period of intense emotional suffering.

Engaging in Boyan's practice in those days was like taking a long drink of cool water when my whole world felt on fire.

I don't know all of his teachings, but I do know that today, I feel lighter, more joyful, and more in love with what is around me than I have ever been; I do credit much of this to his courses and individual coaching with me."


How will this course benefit you:

• You will recognise your True Self as Awareness and begin living the implications of this understanding in day-to-day life

• You will learn the three main purposes of the mind & start embracing all thoughts exactly as they are

• You will experience the Infinite Body and - as a result - be able to let difficult emotions flow with ease

• You will look at challenging relationships from a new perspective which will allow for deep connection, forgiveness, love & gratitude

• You will go beyond the labels 'right' and 'wrong' and know that nothing is random & everything is always unfolding perfectly

• You will say "YES" to all of life & live more fully and fearlessly while maintaining healthy boundaries

• You will find greater Peace and Presence, & more freedom and simplicity as you find and live out your unique purpose

• And much, much more!


Let me help you decide:

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A complete approach:

1-to-1 Sessions

By joining the program, you will get two 1-to-1 sessions per month, 12 in total. Each session is 1h-long, and through them we will work together to help you personalise & tailor the program to your own interests, current explorations and questions, and to dive deeper into Non-duality from where you are now.

Short courses

Each month, you will gain access to one or two shorter 10 or 20-day courses that focus on a specific aspect of Non-duality. These courses are designed to deepen your understanding of the monthly topic and give you new insights and practices to integrate into your life.

Ongoing support

As part of the program, you'll have access to ongoing support between sessions. You'll be able to reach out to me at any time via email to ask questions or share insights that come up for you. I'll also send you additional resources, such as recordings of past events, videos & articles to support your exploration of the monthly topic when appropriate.

Course structure (free meditations included):

Module 1: Self - being effortlessly at Peace independent of circumstances

In the first module, you will recognise your True Self as Awareness. The nature of Awareness is to be open, empty, ever-present and unchanged by experience. You will experientially learn that what happens on the levels of the body/mind/world doesn't actually affect You.

Free meditation: Presence Beyond Labels

Courses: Redefining Fulfilment as a State of Being, not a feeling & Letting go and returning to Presence

Module 2: The mind - a portal to deeper stillness and acceptance

In this second module, we will explore that what we call 'the mind' is actually just thoughts occurring within Awareness. This thinking process serves four key purposes:

• Learning and communication;

• Practicalities such as memory or planning;

• Healing through processes such as stress, anxiety and overthinking;

• Asking questions to explore the nature of Awareness.

This fourth purpose of the mind is less known and less used, yet it is the portal through which we can go beyond the mind and experience Self. When we do so, we understand experientially that the Source of the mind is empty Awareness, that the purpose of unwanted thoughts is deeper letting go & acceptance, and we are more able to return to Presence and find lasting peace and happiness that does not depend on the content of our thinking.

Free meditation: Simplicity beyond the mind

Course: Becoming free from identifying with the mind

Module 3: The body - letting go of beliefs and recognising Truth

In this third module, we will re-align the experience of the body with Awareness. In our actual experience - beyond the labels of the mind, projected locality and physicality - the body is Infinite, luminous, transparent, has no boundaries and never comes across any obstacles. Throughout the month, we will explore:

• The four states that the body can be in;

• How to re-align each of them with the non-dual understanding;

• The benefits of exploring new types of movements and changing habits;

• Moving through & facing difficult emotions;

• and more.

Free meditation: Allowing the body to heal itself

Course: Liberate the body - Non-duality & Natural Movement

Module 4: Relationships

In the fourth module, we will learn to see others as a reflection of ourselves. Each of our unique perspectives is perfectly designed for us to learn, grow and return to Presence on an ever-deeper level. Throughout the month, we will explore:

• How everything happens for a reason and the forgiveness that results from knowing this;

• The metaphors of life and projection;

• The way fully accepting the patterns of our own body/mind leads to allowing others to be fully themselves, too.

Free Meditation: Don't let the behaviours of others affect your inner peace

Course: Applied Spirituality - Keys to Enlightened Living

Module 5: Free will

In this fifth module, we will once again look at our actual experience and recognise that thoughts, feelings & behaviours effortlessly arise, just like everything else that we are aware of. Since there is no thinker and no doer, it means that everything is unfolding as it should, and therefore we can surrender to it ever-more fully.

Free meditation: Letting go of the illusion of control

Course: Access your intuition through dowsing

Module 6: Applied Non-duality - living life beyond belief & dualities

In this sixth and final module, we will bring it all together and apply the non-dual teachings in every area of life, knowing our Self even in the most difficult times. Beyond having goals & aims and with the deep trust in the Intelligence of Life that has been built, we let everything unfold as it does.

Free Meditation: Being Open to All of Life

Courses: Learn to love the human experience & Enlightening the root chakra

What people are saying

about the 1-to-1 sessions:

I really enjoyed my one-on-one sessions with Boyan. I felt more settled and self-connected, and had a greater sense of creativity after the session.

I felt Boyan’s presence - he had some beautiful ways of supporting me getting out of my usual mode, my usual way of thinking, bringing me more into a meditative state, while at the same time allowing space for my own ideas and sense of where I wanted to go to come forth during the sessions.

I felt a sense of joy, playfulness and real connection with him. I find that kind of present, responsive, respectful, empathic coaching really valuable and very helpful for me in my life.

I highly recommend his work.

~David S.

I'm here to answer any questions that you may have -

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What people are saying about the courses:

I looked forward to doing this class each day! It really revolutionised the way I feel about what's going on in my world, and how I accept it. Off and on for a long time I have wondered whether just accepting each thought as it was rather than being upset with it or fighting it would help dissipate it. As this course helped me to begin to understand that thoughts arise effortlessly in a stream, that they're not my fault or my responsibility, that gave me the courage to just accept them and cease to judge them. And lo and behold, they do indeed dissipate! I plan to repeat this course starting tomorrow in order to help reinforce the new ideas into my way of living my life. Thank you for this gift.



students of this and other courses


years of

learning / teaching experience


of happy clients

"Boyan was great at gently pacing the conversations and meditations. He is a good listener and encouraged me to continue exploring, and often came up with impressive quotes from various sources that were said at just the right time to allow me to better understand the monthly topic.


Short courses:

The following four courses will also be included as a bonus to dive more deeply into our monthly topics:

A 10-day course that aims to help you find lasting Fulfilment.

Each daily audio contains both theory and practice and leads you to accepting what is ever-more deeply. As such, it aims to lead to an experiential and embodied understanding of Truth.

A 2-day course that introduces you to a 4-min practice that you can do anytime, anywhere. The practice will help you experience a Presence beyond labels every time you do it.

The course is for you if you are looking for ways to meditate while remaining active in day-to-day life, to let go of ideas and beliefs around Self and Awareness, & to rest in and as Presence more of the time.

This 10-day course includes meditations, recordings from talks and Q&As, and articles to support you on your journey of remaining as Awareness independent of the content of your thoughts.

The course is for you if you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the mind and how it works, to let go of habitual patterns of thought and behaviour, and to rest as the Witnessing Awareness more of the time.

The aim of this 20-day course is to lead you to an ever-deeper understanding of your True Self - that part of experience that is always at Peace, effortlessly fulfilled, all-encompassing and always present.

The embodiment of this understanding is expressed by embracing all thoughts and emotions that arise, letting go of self-judgement and self-blame, no longer projecting onto others and the world, and re-aligning your actions and relationships with Truth.

Each daily audio contains a talk about a particular aspect of our day-to-day lives - a key to enlightened living - followed by a practice linked to that key. As such, it combines theory with practice and aims to lead to an experiential and embodied understanding of Truth.

The purpose of this course is to help you listen to your body and intuition more, and then go beyond. This is a truly invaluable course that is life-changing by itself.

After using dowsing for going on walks, knowing what to eat, understanding past events better, or even in relationships and work, you will tap into an all-knowing Source that is beyond your personal body/mind. You will be able to completely let go of decision-making & feel held and supported by the Universe as you surrender more and more fully to Life.

This course is for you if you are ready to let go of attachments, experience and live the mysterious ways in which life unfolds, and deepen your trust in a Higher Intelligence that lies beyond the mind’s understanding.

The purpose of this course is to liberate your body, both spirituality and physically. The spiritual liberation comes from experientially understanding that everything - including the body - is an expression of, and made of, Awareness Itself. The physical liberation comes from letting go of the ideas of right & wrong movements, having a 'dedicated practice' & practicing at any moment in time, and allowing the body to naturally heal itself.

This course is for you if you are ready to dive into life more fully, to let go of your beliefs around what the body is, what movement is and what it should look like, and are looking to understand and live the embodied non-dual understanding in your day-to-day life.

Often, there is a misunderstanding that the spiritual self and the human self are somehow different or incompatible. This course aims to bring the two together by re-aligning the experience of being human with our True, ever-present, whole, and complete Self.

The purpose of this course is to help you to say "YES" to all of life while maintaining healthy boundaries and living out your unique purpose.

The course is for you if you are ready to let go of limiting beliefs, know your own value, experientially understand that everything happens for a reason, and embrace all aspects of Life & live it fully.

This course aims to demystify misunderstandings around sexuality, intimacy, and kundalini energy by exploring the root chakra from a Non-dual perspective. It helps individuals understand energy flow, develop an understanding of kundalini energy, navigate its sometimes overwhelming power, and cultivate patience, kindness, and forgiveness towards oneself and others.

The course is for you if you are looking to re-align the experience of being human with your whole and complete Self and embody the Non-dual teachings ever-more deeply.

What people are saying about these courses:

I have listened 2x and this course is helping me to witness my thoughts, reactions etc and return to awareness. It is like my Eckhart Tolle book that I return to again and again to bring me back to my true self. I will listen again and again because it's so useful. Thank you Boyan


Thank you Boyan for this course. I have listened to other teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Gangaji and Eli Jaxon Bear, all of whom I've appreciated. However, I found something unique in how you expressed these kinds of perspectives. Seemed to give me a larger perspective 🙂🙏


"Thank you Boyan for this very well put together course. Bite size words of wisdom. I will definitely revisit over and over again. Much appreciated 🙏🏼 "


"Well organised and executed, very useful and informative. A pleasure to listen to."


"Simply great reminders to come home to your Self. So beautifully done, thank you."


"This course was incredible. It was 20 days and each day built on the previous concept. Boyan makes the concepts understandable and the mediations are a manageable length. Thank you for this course!"


"One of the best courses I've taken. Boyan's guidance has helped me throughout my day to be more allowing of what is. I feel more peace as I am able to be awareness more often now. Thank you for creating the course 🙏"


As I tend to second guess myself and do the same with decisions, I use to use muscle testing and it has really been helpful for me. However, the rods and the pendulum are like...well...out of this world! I've been having so much fun! It is such a crazy and bizarre experience! Wow!


"Profound concepts delivered with loving wisdom and including space during each session for silent meditation to sit with the ideas. Thank you! 🙏🏼"


"Material and delivery on point. Excellent course for all levels."


"I really enjoyed this course and connected with the key themes. Boyan had a soothing but engaging delivery and communicated complex ideas in a concise way. Thank you"


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Bonuses you will receive after finishing the program:

Access to a new 10-day course on "Staying Present in a Busy World"

Access to a new course on "Living in Harmony: 5 Key Practices to Boost your Intuition & Learn to Flow with Life"

Access to Boyan's Premium content for one year

Ability to ask an unlimited number of questions to Boyan's AI Assistant

More testimonials:

About the 1-to-1 sessions:

Having spent three months working with Boyan once a week I am now able to deal with a number of issues, both professional and personal, that had been causing me problems for quite some time.

His teaching has helped me find the confidence to tackle problems head-on instead of brushing them under the carpet.

Thanks to his methods I feel I am coping better with my heavy workload and family commitments.


"Working with Boyan has been an enriching experience. He is a genuinely kind individual with extensive knowledge and experience in various modalities. One of the reasons I chose to collaborate with him is his affiliation with the Association for Spiritual Integrity. In my opinion, he is the most ethical person I have encountered in the spiritual realm.

Additionally, Boyan stands out in this field for his willingness to explore diverse paths within spirituality and bring them back to a Non-dual perspective. I have recommended his meditations to my friends, who also find value in what he offers. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to know and connect with Boyan".


About the courses & meditations:

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